July 21, 2011

Dog Days

It is HOT these days. Every time I step outside I can feel the air hot and heavy around me, and every time I step back inside the magnitude of temperature change throws me off. Unless, of course, I’m stepping inside my house, where we actually don’t have central a/c. Yesterday, I camped out in Madeline’s room for the majority of the day, as she is the only one with a window unit and she is also in Texas. Anywhere else in the house and I was sweating within about five minutes. Oh so fun.

I do have a nice little box fan in the window in my room (and, incidentally, no screens in the windows so the one right next to my window gapes open a little frighteningly while I sleep next to it) that has served me well thus far into the summer, but no more. I sweated through the night two nights ago, stole another box fan from Hope and Abby’s (currently empty) bedroom last night and propped it up so it blew directly towards me, but now have retreated to the safe, cool haven of my parents house in Crozet for tonight. Because there is supposed to be a heat index of 115 degrees tomorrow.

But that does make it the perfect kind of weather to trek out to Blue Hole with (new) friends in the evening and swing off the rope swing – higher than it looks, so high that you’re clinging to that rope, swung out in the air, dangling over that water and in that split second before you’re supposed to let go you think it’s so far down, I don’t want to let go but you have to and it’s worth it.

Ahh, summer.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I'm happy I'm back in a place where internet works because that means I can read your blog!!! I've missed it :)


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