August 1, 2012

Olympics and Such

Currently Reading: Love Does by Bob Goff

One thing I am a fan of as I've been watching this year's Olympics is this song the network has been playing every time they intro the Fab Five for gymnastics:

Love it. And also, I just love the Olympics. Especially gymnastics. Confession: I may have known absolutely nothing about the women competing for Team USA in gymnastics just four days ago, but I have definitely benn fully invested watching them compete over the past few days....and I might have even teared up when they won gold last night. (And got goosebumps at McKayla Maroney's amazing vault.) To be honest, I am not always the most patriotic of Americans (and I can't wait for the running events to cheer on my Ethiopians...and even my Kenyans), but I was definitely rooting for Team USA this time.

And now I settle in for another Olympics-filled evening...starting with synchronized diving right now. (What an intriguing sport...)

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