September 4, 2011

Teach Me How to Bhangra

 Once upon a time, a group of girls who were still just at the beginning of their friendship went to Indian cultural dinner thing and fell in love with Bhangra. (It could only help that after bhangra-ing they rode the trolley downtown to a concert and rounded out the night at the Tea Bazaar, which made them feel super cool. I mean, they were only first years, can you blame them?)

Today, those girls live together. And, inspired by a viewing of Bride & Prejudice this weekend, they revisited this former love. And spent the next morning learning to bhangra.

I mean, after experiencing this:

...How could you not? 
Thank goodness for Youtube:

As you can see, things were getting serious in The Hangout Room:

(Confession: I may have missed our first touchdown at yesterday's football game because I was demonstrating these moves to a friend. No regrets.)

You should probably try it. Just saying.

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