February 1, 2012

Good Things

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Good things this week:

1. We finally replaced our dilapated hanging rack with an actual wardrobe (because, of course, we don't have a closet in our room). Y'all, I don't think you understand the full implications of this, or just how amazing actually having a wardrobe is. Our hanging rack situation was so precarious that I hadn't even been able to hang up the dresses and skirts that I had brought to Kenya with me when I unpacked them. Ever since this moment, where it collapsed across the entire hallway and top of the stairs:

It's looked like this (propped against the wall on the left, if you can't tell):

But now, we have a wardrobe, and I have never been so excited to hang up my clothes before. (Here's hoping this feeling lasts.)

2. I went to Old Navy yesterday to buy a pair of plain black workout pants, and then found a shirt I wanted to buy as well. I didn't really need it, but I decided to buy it nonetheless. But then, when I went to pay, the lady told me the total and I was like excuse me? Y'all, the pants cost 47¢. FORTY-SEVEN CENTS. I do not even know how that is possible, but it completely justified my impulse purchase.

3. My bff is officially coming to visit me in March!!! I. can. not. wait. Especially because I have not seen her since October 2010 - far too long.

4. THE WEATHER has been strangely, wonderfully beautiful. Mid-sixties, y'all, in January. (And now February). It is such a beautiful sight to see your housemates sitting on the porch when you get home, and to join them and read out in the sunshine:

5. Making Tuesday the new Friday night. #fourthyear.

...Among other things. And it's not even the weekend yet! (But almost, really, in my life. Once Wednesday's through, it's all downhill.)
How is your week?

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