July 16, 2012

72 Hours' Worth

In the past 72 hours, I have:

- been so proud of my kids as they performed their musical for their families:

- transformed one of our classrooms into a winter wonderland for a surprise "Christmas in July" party for our kids:

...and ate spaghetti with syrup and candy in it as we watched Elf, of course:

- Done some community service with our teens at a local food bank:

- Dressed up as a cow for some free Chik-fil-a

- Celebrated our participants who will be going out and making disciples in a commissioning ceremony (including a special part to commission our twenty-four favorite five-to-thirteen-year-olds...)

- Met three new friends and had all sorts of adventures, from making the largest breakfast in the world:

...to hiking Horsetooth Mountain:

...to traipsing around Fort Collins and delivering birthday cupcakes.

- And, of course, made time for a few other shenanigans:

So now you can probably understand why I need to go to bed asap...especially so that I can be up at 6:30 to start my final week of this adventure. (Can't. Get. Sad. Yet.)

[pictures 1, 2 and 7 by Scott Kral. The rest are courtesy of Emily Nichols]

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