July 23, 2012

That First Day Back From A Big Trip When You Don't Really Know What To Do With Yourself

Today was my first day waking up in my (newly-painted turquoise) room in Charlottesville, post-Colorado.

Today I ate breakfast thinking it was the fairly normal time of 10:30am...then realized my computer is still set to Colorado time and that it was actual 12:30pm.

Today I wrote five pages in my journal, trying to process all the things God taught me in Colorado. And I cried a little.

Today I thought about all the friends and kids and families I got to love in Colorado, and how crazy it is that I knew absolutely none of them just six weeks ago, and how amazing God is that he can create community like that (which is something I find so vital), and how reassuring that fact is for my future.

Today I told myself I was going to go running, then decided a walk would also be good (to say hi and I missed you to the Corner and the Lawn, of course), then decided once it started raining that I didn't really need to do any of that til tomorrow.

Today I made chicken enchiladas and black bean and corn salad for two friends got to share my stories with them and hear theirs and sit and talk for three hours. And it was wonderful.

And tomorrow... we shall see :]

[picture by Steve Anthony]

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