December 3, 2012

Knitters Unite

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As of yesterday, we are an apartment of knitters. Lesson #1 happened last night, courtesy of Julia, and now we are on a roll. Or a skein, if you will.

Actually, I'm a little mad at my knitting right now because even though I'm doing all the right steps, and I just restarted on bigger needles (as opposed to the ones shown above) so I can actually feel like I accomplished something, it just looks like a tangle of knots right now. Apparently that's how it's supposed to look in the beginning, but I'm not convinced.

Have you ever thought about the mechanics of knitting? What is actually happening, and how it works? I hadn't. Did you know that you begin with a series of loops (stitches, technically) down one needle, and then you use your other needle to go through and around over, and loop more yarn through? That the process of knitting a row essentially involves moving all the stitches from one needle to the other, and kind of adding more as you go? And then you switch hands and do it all over again. And again, ad nauseum. It is a very intriguing and complicated process..and obviously one that I am still trying to grasp the hang of.

Please wish me patience and perseverance as I continue in this endeavor. Fingers crossed I'll have a beautiful teal infinity scarf to show you sometimes soon. Right now, though, that's looking a little ambitious...

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