November 26, 2012

I'm Lichen This Hikin'

In the past month or so, my roommates Taryn and Abby and I have had several (two) hiking adventures. Our fourth roommate Julia has been absent for all (both) of our hikes, which is ironic because she is the coolest, adventuriest, outdoorsiest person we know (girlfriend bungee jumped and skydived in New Zealand. Need I say more?). But while she was at work saving lives in the ER, the three of us who are teachers took our days off to hike a little. As you can tell by the title of this post, we are incredibly funny people, and naturally some funny adventures occurred, including but not limited to realizing I had left the car keys in the car (thankfully, the car doors didn't lock for some reason, aka Jesus) and emerging on the Blue Ridge Parkway about a mile away from where our car was. I was all for hitchhiking, but not enough cars drove by.

Now that Thanksgiving Break has happened, Taryn, the photographer, has put pictures up so I can finally share them with you. (The trials of a blogger without a camera. Mine died a sandy death on Beach Week...RIP.) Get ready to be blown away by the glory of autumnal Virginia.

Hiking Adventure #1: White Rock Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway.



Hiking Adventure #2: House Mountain, Lexington VA

a view of House Mountain from Abby's home

Hiking with these two has been a good time. And stay tuned...there's talk of hiking Old Rag in the spring!

P.S. My Thanksgiving was wonderful, thanks for asking. I spent it at the home of one of my favorite, funniest friends from college, Taylor. She lives in Memphis this year, so it was so good to see her, but it was also wonderful to be at her home in Poquoson, VA, to hang out with her family, and to meet a bunch of new friends.

P.P.S. This also happened when we were at Abby's home in Lexington, where we hiked House Mountain: 

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