January 3, 2012

Real Life.

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In most places that are not America, voltage is 220. This means all American appliances (which are 110) need to be run through a transformer. This means that my hairdryer and straightener situation looks like this:

However, sometimes the transformer is needed elsewhere, so it looks more like this:

(Actually, the straightener has been operated out of the pantry about 90% of the time I use it. Because only if the hairdryer is involved too is it worth lugging the whole transformer to a more accessible location.)

Also, plugging 110 things into 220 is a rookie mistake, but don’t worry we’ve all been there. I might have even done it with this very hairdryer last time I was in Kenya. It sparked and smoked and it was all very exciting for a minute (and simultaneously sad, because goodbye hairdryer), but – surprise – the next day it rallied and continues to be used to this very day. A genuine success story. There is hope, people.

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