March 26, 2012

The Magic of Cook-Out

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The new big thing around these parts is Cook-Out, which opened in Cville just last week. Ever heard of it? If you are from Richmond (or other Southern cities, I suppose), chances are yes. If you are a missionary kid from Africa, chances are no.

Luckily, I had been conveniently made aware of its existence just the week before that. When we were driving back from spring break, we were somewhere in North Carolina and Kathleen sees a sign for Cook-Out and says we should go there for lunch because it is CRAZY and you get SO MUCH FOOD for REALLY CHEAP and their MILKSHAKES ARE SO GOOD, etc. Problem: we had packed lunches for the car ride. And so a very serious conversation ensued: do we forgo our packed lunches for Cook-Out? After all, a sandwich can be saved for tomorrow, right? Or do we eat the food we brought?

Practicality won out, and we ate our sandwiches and pasta salad (in a JR parking lot somewhere else in North Carolina, perched on our cars. Always classy.) BUT, just two days later, Kathleen saw that there was one opening here! There was a picture text and much exclaiming, and now it is open and it is basically all anyone can talk about. Exactly because of the reasons Kathleen first wanted us to go there: cheap, large amounts of food, and delicious milkshakes. Most people I know have already been more than once (guilty). And can I just say that when you live with ten other people, it’s virtually impossible to get all eleven together at the same time…but when we went to Cook-Out, we had a 73% house turnout? That’s the magic of Cook-Out. It brings people together.

But here’s the thing. THEIR MENU IS THE MOST OVERWHELMING THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Now, I realize I am prone to exaggeration (see the previous sentence), but I am not exaggerating at all when I say that there are FORTY choices of milkshake flavors. AND YOU CAN COMBINE THEM. For an indecisive person like me, this is the epitome of overwhelming, so the first time I went, I avoided this decision completely and got a Cheerwine float. (um, hello. Delicious.) The second time (aka last night) I copied my roommate’s order and got peanut butter fudge mixed with oreo. Aifhoidjkfnjgaoijkfnghsjofiak so good.

So, y’all, have you ever been? And if so, what’s your favorite milkshake flavor/combo? I need to be prepared for the next time, so please just tell me what to order….

P.S. Added bonus: they love Jesus. Christian music playing and Bible verses on the cups.
P.P.S. Justin Bieber’s new song? We’ll talk about that tomorrow…

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  1. Missionary kid from Africa here...that sounds amazing! Milkshakes are my favorite, so forty? Mind.blown.

    P.S. If tomorrow we're going to talk about Justin Bieber's song and how manly he sounds in it, then tomorrow is my new favorite day.


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