March 28, 2012

Three Songs for Wednesday (+ Bieber)

My housemate called me out for promising to discuss Justin Bieber's new song and then not doing it. (I said: I feel like my blog readers should know by now that i am fickle.) But here's what I think about it: it was surprising. So much so that it came on in my iTunes yesterday and I was like "what is this?!" before remembering. But I can respect that he's changing his sound up a bit. I think? Oh, and this article made me laugh.

Now that we got that over with, here are some songs I've actually been enjoying recently (they're fairly eclectic. As is my life.):

P.S. Made it through Wednesday night. Looking forward to a more chill, story-writing kind of day tomorrow...

P.P.S. The same night I waxed semi-obnoxious about Cook-Out, I went there again. Shout out to Susan who shared a milkshake with me and thus made some authoritative decisions. We went with caramel fudge + snickers. And it was a good choice.

1 comment:

  1. tonight susan and i shared an actual peanut butter fudge/banana shake. much better than the banana nut one i ended up with last time, i have to say.


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