March 5, 2012

SBK2012: The Beginning

Quote Love: "I am awaiting / perpetually and forever / a renaissance of wonder." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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SBK2012 is in full swing, y’all.

I find it sort of amazing how I went from being so tired and from feeling like I had one thing straight after another due for like 3 weeks (remember the 10 page paper? The story due? The lessons and 12-page midterm? And those were only the things I posted about...) to feeling so completely free of school and work right now.

(Actually, there was a brief interlude on Friday where I came home from class and turning in my midterm and had no idea what to do with myself. So I fidgeted around the house, made banana bread and entered a story of mine in a contest, obviously. Then I took a break, and finally forgot all school-related thoughts.)

I  actually kind of feel like it’s summer right now, because everyone is gone except for a scant few of us. In La Bamba – usually occupied by eleven people (who I love so dearly) – there’s only Monique and I left* (who, plus Kathleen, were the only ones here this summer), and it’s a nice little break. There’s the perfect amount of just a few people still around to do stuff with, and, I feel like I’ve been busy doing fun and relaxing things. Since Friday, I have: gone to Margaret’s photography show, gone running with my friend Caroline, gone to Target, made chili for the group, sat on the roof drinking PBRs**, watched UVA play Syracuse in Lacrosse (but we left at halftime because we were SO COLD), made these cookies (mmm Nutella), played Monopoly, made a midnight IHOP run, etc.

However, it absolutely does not feel like summer because this is what I woke up to (and by "woke up to," I mean did a legitimate double take when I glanced out the bathroom window):

(What?! Virginia, you’re crazy.) So, I’m thinking the rest of today will involve some sledding and whatnot – and then maybe some packing, too, because our actual spring break adventures begin bright and early tomorrow morning. From snow to South Carolina in 24 hours? Let’s do it.

*Maybe this is something I should not post on my blog. Kind of like the modern-day equivalent of when you were a kid and you weren't supposed to let people calling for your parents know that you were actually home alone?
**Also something I shouldn't post on my blog?...oh well. This is real life, people.

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