November 18, 2012

Post-Grad Life

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In case you were wondering what grad student/student teachers do in their spare time, I decided to Things I Did This Weekend (spoiler: it's not the like the crazy days of undergrad where weekends involve 84038 different events with 487 different people):
  • Went to the library book sale for their HALF-OFF days, and stocked up on Young Adult books for my future classroom library. (I had already bought a stack earlier in the week, so in total I ended up with 18 books for $17.50. What a steal. Also, here is the stack of books I scored for FREE from my school earlier this semester:
So, even if I have no idea where I'll be next year, at least my students will have books to read.
  • Checked out Charlottesville's brand new Trader Joe's (!!!!!). Along with half of Charlottesville. We managed to somehow get an incredible parking spot and made it out with scratch-and-sniff stickers and three-buck-chuck, so we're counting that as a success.
  • Watched UVA beat Seattle in basketball...after watching UVA lose miserably to UNC in football on Thursday night. (Actually, this has been a big week for UVA sports in my life, in that I went to two football games in one week, after going to none all semester. The one last Saturday was a winner, with a close one-point win in the last couple seconds and getting to rush the field...)
  • Hardcore cleaned my room
  • Saw a play in which two of my students performed. (When I told my one student that I was coming, she ran over and hugged me, then said "I just have to warn you that it is PG-13 because there are swear words." Duly noted.
  • Overcame extreme adversity to successfully make pumpkin pie for a Thanksgiving dinner with friends
  • And spent my Saturday evening huddled beneath blankets (our heat is broken) watching Downton Abbey. 
It's not glamorous. But it's been pretty enjoyable. Excited for only two more days before Thanksgiving break!

[picture 2 via Julia, picture 3 via Kristen!]

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