November 14, 2011

Book Sale!

Currently Listening To: Hannah, Freelance Whales
Lyric Love: If you're partial to the night sky / If you're vaguely attracted to rooftops...

Across the street and diagonally from La Bamba* is a little redbrick public library. (In the above picture, La Bamba is the gray building hiding behind the yellow leaves. See how close we are?) And this week, they're having a book sale. Apparently, this is a big deal: when we were walking back from our 5k on Saturday morning, the first day of the sale, at about 9:15, there were long lines of people with crates waiting outside -- and the sale wasn't even supposed to start til 10! So this afternoon I meandered over to check it out. And it was a labyrinth of rooms with a ton of books, all priced at $1-$2. Heaven? 

I bought four novels (stocking up for when I'm by myself for a month in Kenya this Christmas). Grand total: $4.50. Success.

* The name of my house, of course


  1. Hey! I came across your blog in a really random way through Google, and it seems like we're SO alike! I am a missionary kid living in South Africa, originally from the States, and Freelance Whales are my favorite band! Just had to give you a shout out :) Your blog is beautiful!

  2. Dani, thank you so much!! Also, it makes me happy how similar we are...thanks for letting me know! I'm looking forward to stalking your blog back.. :]


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