June 21, 2011

Remembering Egypt

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Exactly three years ago right now, I was in Egypt for a week with my best friends in the world. My class (well, 9/11 of us, plus three teachers) went for our senior trip. We spent a few days in Cairo, then went to the beach, then back to Cairo. We ate at a Pizza Hut with a view of the pyramids and Sphynx. We sailed on the Nile. We looked at a bajillion mummies. I got sick and lost my voice. We held lions and found starfish. We took naps on the beach and waded into the Red Sea -- so clear that even at shoulder-deep you could still see your shadow on the bottom. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe and made up songs about the Khan-Khalili markets. We had fun interactions with forward Egyptian men ("Excuse me! You dropped something!...Oh, it is just my heart." ...what?). We surveyed Cairo's roofs and multitude of satellite dishes from the top of the Sultan Hussan mosque. And it was magical. 

I was just looking through the pics and getting a little nostalgic...

I miss those kids, and those adventures.

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  1. so I was getting my daily dose of Caroline, reading about the 5th of November, when I saw under: you might like... "remembering Egypt." and i was like.. what???? i never read it, so i did and i loved it! you write so wonderfully honey! and it brought me back to great memories! :) love you and thanks!!


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