June 15, 2011

Three Things on A Wednesday Night, Again.

Quote Love: "'Do you fall in love often?' Yes, often. With a view, with a book, with a dog, a cat, with numbers, with friends, with complete strangers, with nothing at all." - Jeanette Winterson (from Gut Symmetries)

1. If, hypothetically speaking, you lost your phone for a few days and then your father found it in the yard apparently having been run over by a lawnmower, it would probably look something like this (hypothetically speaking, of course):

2. This is what I aspire to (the Busta Rhymes part, in particular):

I think I could learn this in two weeks. Anyone wanna hold me to that?

3. I just inherited this frightening absolutely spectacular item of clothing from my father's old pastor's wife. CAN'T WAIT FOR FOOTBALL GAMES! (ESPNU won't know what hit them.)

Happy Wednesday night, y'all.

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