June 22, 2011

Given a Cape and a Nice Tiara...

Today, I had lunch with Zanna, who was my neighbor and good friend when we were about three. We had crepes, caught up on a decade or so of life, and wandered around some shops, including a secondhand bookstore and a store called Hello Bluebird that felt like I was walking into Etsy in real life.

There were all sorts of things I loved in this store, but in particular, these designs by Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Designs. I'm such a sucker for eclectic, mixed media designs and random, witty sayings. 

If I had some extra mula laying around, I would buy all of these in card form and send them to everyone I love. And then I might buy that top one to hang on my wall.

Love 'em.

And added bonus: there was a hand-written sign by a stack of prints in this store that read "With us, you can be that artsy-urban roommate!" (I took a picture but, alas, did not bring my card reader to Pennsylvania). ...HOW DID THEY KNOW??

P.S. My V key fell off my keyboard today. Thus, every V I've typed here has been a struggle. You are welcome for all that extra effort... :]

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