August 18, 2011

Because This Only Happened 5 1/2 Weeks Ago...

Hello loves! I just took the GRE and thankfully I got the scores I needed! (Fun fact: I'm already in my grad school, aka Ed school. I know. Don't ask me why they made me take the GRE...) So driving an hour there + four hours of testing + sitting in a traffic jam for 45 minutes on the way back means it's time for me to do something a lil' brainless...such as showing y'all my sister's wedding pictures! (See, all this requires of me is clicking 'insert image' and voila!). This is just a smattering of the 500+ there were, so if you want to stalk the rest (and let's be real, who doesn't want to stalk wedding pictures all day erry day? ...oh wait, is that just me?) check 'em out here!

All photos by Elisa B Photography.

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