August 15, 2011

GRE Studying Has Gone To My Head

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I'm baaaack! And in the past almost-week since I've seen you (by which I mean rambled to you), I might have:

a) Driven significant distances four days out of five (C'ville to Southern Shores to Williamsburg to C'ville to Oakton to Berryville to C'ville. WHEW.)

b) ridden some OBX waves with my about-to-be-22-years-old middle school BFF (Happy birthday, Danielle!)

c) watched my small group leader/discipler/traveling buddy get MARRIED!

d) been welcomed back home by a storm that knocked over three trees around my house, draped power lines across my housemate's car and left us without power overnight*

e) All of the above.

I canNOT believe that by the time I look up after GREplanningretreatwork this weekend everyone will be back and classes will be just two days away. WHATTTTT?

*Felt just like home...

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