November 23, 2011

I'm In Hilton Head!

(sidenote: I never actually know whether to say "in Hilton Head" or "on Hilton Head." Because it's an island, you know? So technically I am on it. But it is also a town, so I am in it. Thus, I am confused.)


Well friends, after driving nine hours solo yesterday -- spurred on only by the knowledge of MK's cooking, PJ's wine cellar, the beach, and Loft and J. Crew outlets on the other end -- I arrived in (on?) Hilton Head for Thanksgiving. My aunts are here too, and last night I tried to stay awake to be properly social as we ate lowcountry boil and mango-key lime pie, but then could fight it no longer and promptly went to slept for eleven hours. I'm so grateful for a break.

On the agenda today is: mindless TV,  a walk on the beach, a bike ride, and HOMEWORK. (Lame. But necessary. Ughh.)

*If you hadn't noticed, Freelance Whales are my jam right now. (Thanks, Kathleen.) I keep being struck by a new one of their songs each time. On my drive yesterday, it was 'Location.' So beautiful.

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