November 30, 2011

Almost! FInally! (Hopefully?)

Do you guys remember how I didn't see the Civil Wars back in February? And then I got all excited because they were coming back to Cville? And how I bought my tickets for it back in like August?

What I didn't tell you was that they canceled the show the week before it happened, because Joy had laryngitis. There were tears and general disappointment, and they rescheduled the show for December 7th and we were all like that is so far away.

Not anymore though -- it's only a week away now! I'm so looking forward to finally using that ticket that's been stashed in my desk for three months now. It will be the perfect way to celebrate classes being done and finals being about to start (wait, what?). And I am so looking forward to telling all y'all how wonderful it was afterwards. (I mean, just look at how happy they look in the above video...)

And as an added bonus, the free iTunes download of the week is a Civil Wars Christmas song!!! Get it. Now.

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