May 5, 2011

Brooke-Obsessed (Still)

Disclaimer: I have been working on my final paper for my seminar for the past few hours, so please forgive me for the fact that all I can currently think about is multiculturalism in Tropic of Orange by Karen Tei Yamashita.

Yesterday was lovely but busy: a few hours relaxing lake-side at Agape's end of year cook-out, then driving straight to my professor's house on top of a mountain (with some adventures involving trees obstructing the road on the way and my professor's husband - also a noted professor at UVA - arriving with a chainsaw to hack it to pieces. P.S. if anyone is interested in taking one of Professor Ramazani's classes, just know that he has prowess not just in poetry but also in wielding a chainsaw.). Anyway, at my prof's house we workshopped part of papers and had Indian food and it really was just nice...and then I went home to get ready for BROOKE! (I apologize for how Brooke-obsessed my blog has been recently. But let's face it, my life is a little Brooke-obsessed...)

Y'all, she was beautiful, and she was good. And she has the best Kiwi accent, of course. She sang a lot of songs from Flags, and also a few of her classic older ones (C.S. Lewis Song, Deciphering Me, Albertine)...SO GOOD. It was so fun to be there with a group of about fifteen people I knew, and basially, it ended way to soon.

That being said, y'all can watch a little bit of Brooke's concert for yourself, as my friend Josh managed to capture just about all of it on video. (You can explore the playlist of videos from the concert here.) One that really stands out, however, is cover she did of Coldplay's Violet Hill. Because of course her songs were all spectacular, but they sounded similar to her CDs. This one was just so different and well done that y'all just need to watch it:

[pictures and video by Joshua Tran]

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