June 21, 2012

Some Disorganized Thoughts

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Here are some disorganized thoughts about week one on the job in Colorado (for more details about what I'm doing here, read this), to tide you over until I can give you some more organized thoughts:

- These are great kids that I get to work with. Twenty-six of them, at that. And they make me laugh with the things they say. (Luke, age 5, for example, first said that he had 'Blue Moon' ice cream last night (questionable?), and then that it tasted "like Superman, but a little bit blueberry.")

- My TCK (Third Culture Kid) upbringing is a big deal in my life, and I feel valued for it here. I've mentioned before that sometimes I feel like I compartmentalize that part of my life. Today, though, I got to be part of a talk about TCKs in general to all XTrack participants, and then be on a panel to answer their questions and share my experiences. And it was really neat.

- I have two great team-mates and basically an adopted family. We laugh a lot and I couldn't ask for a better team to work with.

- 8am - 3pm is a long time to spend with a group of kids. I'm kind of glad that I'm ultimately teaching secondary, where I'll get to rotate through different classes of kids. And I have huge respect for all those elementary teachers, who work with the same group of kids all. day. long.

- Our teen program is middle and high school, and this year our "teens" are majority eleven-year-olds going in to sixth grade. As my student teaching placement for the Fall is in a sixth grade classroom, this has been amusingly eye-opening in terms of the age/maturity level of the kids I'll have in the Fall. And I can't wait.

- Summertime, being 21 and carefree, and it only costing $5 is plenty of reason to get a purple feather extension in my hair. Am I right?

- I love that I get a teaching experience like this -- one where we pray at the beginning of each day and are encouraged to love on and build relationships with each of the kids -- to pave the way for all my future teaching experiences.



  1. this is great. i'm excited for your life.

  2. where's the picture of your feather?


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