June 3, 2012

Three Songs For Sunday

Currently Watching: Parenthood, season 1
Currently Reading: Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch

I am sitting in my new apartment, on the couch that came from our old house -- although it's been given new life with bright stripey throw pillows. Next to me is a stack of thank you letters, addressed but waiting for stamps, and an empty bowl of ice cream.  Through the sliding doors leading to our tiny deck (that feels like a jungly haven, even though 14th street is just beyond), the light is sinking into twilight, a single firefly is blinking, and a full moon hangs eagerly just above the trees. I have plans to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding at a farm my friend is house-sitting later, and to hike to a rope swing over a swimming hole tomorrow.

That's where I am right now.
And here are three songs to start out your week!

Last week's obsession:

Regina has a new album out!

And Justin's new one, surprisingly good:

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