June 15, 2012

Week Zero

Currently Listening To: Avett Brothers
About To: go to a drive-in theater! (...again)

Well, friends, this first week in Colorado is almost over. The real stuff starts on Monday (well, technically tomorrow, but only 2 hours' worth), so this week was a planning week, mostly. We did, however, have most of the kids we will be having for two full days already, because their parents were in training (as one of our five year olds, Molly, asked, "You mean training like driving trains?" This is the same little girl who I told to make a wish on a 'fuzzy' she caught, and she told me she wished that all the stairs in her house would turn into slides. I'm so glad to be spending the summer with her. And 24 other kids.) but all of that was just hang-out, no curriculum yet.

But my team and all the other people are wonderful, and I have eaten a lot of Bluebell ice cream and played a lot of Nertz. And this is really the only update I can give you so far.

[image via Life Is But A Dream]

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