February 4, 2011

Friday Five

Currently Listening to: J.Biebs. Inspired by watching this video...

My former-roomie-but-still-housemate Monique and I decided we want to start being really artsy, especially on Fridays, when neither of us have classes and opportunity abounds. Sometimes I kind of wish I was one of those super artsy/alternative/borderline-hipster kind of people…you know, those people who are all creative and awesome and anticonformist  and stylish and effortlessly chill at the same time?

In light of this, here are
5 Things I Can Do To Become More Artsy/Alternative/Borderline-Hipster:

1. Go to art shows! (…obviously?) I did this accidentally last week, and it was great, so I want to do it more preparedly this week. Which I am about to do.

2. Hang out in coffeeshops. But only small, non-commercially, non-Starbucks ones. Luckily this is a college town and there are a bunch of those around. And luckily I kind of do that already.

3. Get and wear this:
(I asked for one for Christmas, but didn’t really get it yet, so I’ve been meaning to go out and buy one. Now, for the sake of my artsiness, I have to.) Other artsy clothing options: plaid, leggings, those beret hat thingies, big oversize cable knit scarves, big (nerd) glasses?

4. Listen to obscure bands no one’s heard of. I think I’m going to need to be checking these websites to find out what those are… (when I googled “hipster music,” this is what I got…) (umm, let's just forget that I'm listening to Justin right now...)

5. Stalk other people’s artsy blogs/facebooks/flickr streams to death, and wish I was them. Potentially some day this might actually inspire me to action? Hmm.
    I'll keep y'all posted on how this goes for us...

    P.S. Here's me and Monique in our room last year. Can't you just tell that we're destined to be super artsy??

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    1. Hi! Glad to see you're interested in checking out hipsterwave. It has been a while since this post, so hopefully you've achieved your artsy goals. =]


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