March 2, 2011


Awesome Word I Learned Today: Paneity, n. state of being merely bread.
Spring Break Countdown: Done with classes tomorrrowwww!!

Remember that happy little Paris commercial from last week? (Were you as smitten with it as I was?) Well, I discovered that there are more like it, for several different countries! I have seriously spent the last 30 hours debating in my head which I want to share with you guys (because three at once might be overkill), but then I decided why not Do It All? ...over a few days, of course :]

So in honor of my roommate Liz who grew up in China, and that I was reminded today by my photo screensaver that I went to visit her there last Christmas*, check this video out:

The. Coolest. Ever.

But can I just say that it looks so much warmer than it was when I was there?? Our trip looked a little like this...

 [being a Hun attacking the Great Wall, duh]

Um, woah. Reliving this for a moment was about 5738293 times better than writing a conclusion for my paper. Don't you think conclusions are the hardest part to write?

Sometimes I forget that I’ve actually been to certain places. Is that weird? Like yesterday, a friend was over and we were looking at my collection of currencies and I was like oh, hey, rupees…I forgot I went to India once. And she thought I was crazy. Whoops.

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