October 23, 2011

How To Have A Good Weekend

Quote Love: "Love God, and do what you like." - St. Augustine

Ways include (but are not limited to):
  • Roadtripping to King's Dominion Halloween Haunt with some housemates. (Well, minus the scare zones.) (And 10 points to Caroline for braving FOUR roller coasters!)
  • Hitting up multiple tailgates (while not necessarily going to the actual football game...)
  • Enjoying the most beautiful fall weather imaginable.
  • Camping out in a coffee shop and only sort of focusing on work (but still, somehow, being productive). With a bottomless cup of coffee.
  • Having a random, random goodbye party at your house, for a housemate who's moving away
  • Successfully installing my new comptuer battery
  • Taking a break from working in the nursery and getting to enjoy just going to church
  • A good catch-up-with-friends kind of lunch (at my favorite sandwich-shop-in-a-gas-station-feeling-like-a-local place)
  • Going to Target.
  • Going to dinner with a housemate's parents
  • Rounding it all out with a bonfire. And cider. And a guitar. Beneath some stars.
What made your weekend good?

[image via We Heart It]

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