October 1, 2011

It's October and I'm Doing Fallish Things!

Game Plan for the afternoon:

1. FOOTBALL GAME. Where I am breaking out this sweater (see #3). (Yes, it's happening.) Wahoowa.

2. CORN MAZE. This one:

Yes, I am terrified, because it will be nighttime and it will be via flashlight, and I'm not the best with directions in the first place. I'm legitimately planning on holding someone's hand the whole time. Also, I'm counting on the fact that if I get lost I'll be able to shoot red sparks in the air with my wand and someone will rescue me. (Oh wait, that only happens at Hogwarts? Gotta come up with a new plan, then...)

The only thing that would make this day complete would be the addition of 3. HOT APPLE CIDER somewhere in there. 

Please oh please let the maze people have some waiting at the end as reward for surviving the maze of fear.

[image source]

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