October 3, 2011

Things I Heart: Turquoise and Coral.

Currently Listening To: Who Are We Fooling, Brooke Fraser 
Lyric Love: Turned twenty-one on the day that we met / terrible shoes and plausible dress

Turquoise and coral are hands down my favorite colors, and I especially love them in combination. So why don't we all just enjoy them for a minute, and think about how we should redecorate our entire rooms/find our lost turquoise earring (sadface) so we can start making cute outfits/find a piano asap and paint it turquoise....


[sources: 1 | 2]

[sources: 1 | 2]

P.S. Happy Monday, y'all. I have a pretty easy week coming up (especially compared to the past few), so I'm feeling grateful for that. What are your weeks looking like?

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