February 2, 2011

Barton Hollow

This is one of those songs that seeps right down to the depths of my ribcage and into my soul. It is just so haunting and intricate and sad, and I re-fell in love with it this week when The Civil Wars' album, Barton Hollow, came out. I bought it on iTunes (and that is not something I usually do. Apart from Flags, I cannot even tell you the last song I bought…), and y'all, no wonder it's been holding on to #1 album spot on iTunes* – it is exquisite. AND their song "Barton Hollow" is the free download this week...GET IT.

(But can we talk for a second about how this is Joy Williams? Did anyone else listen to her back in her Christian pop days? Um, pick me. She was one of my faves when I was twelve. I remember having her album By Surprise sent out to me in Ethiopia. Then Danielle Hale and I listened to it. on repeat.)


And guess what else? 

...It's the same night as Joshua Radin.

Which I already bought tickets for. 

Y'all, this is a dilemma if I ever heard one. BUT I am coming up with a plan to Do It All, because The Civil Wars are having an in-store performance before their show that night. Anyone up for concert-hopping?

I suppose there could be much worse things than too many good music options on one night...

* ...at least in the 48 hours since it's been out. Ha.

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