December 22, 2010

Attempt #2

And we’re off to Dulles to try again to fly to Kenya!

Our new flights are Ethiopian Air, first flying to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, via Rome (where we will probably sit on the ground to refuel and not get off the plane. WORST PART OF FLYING EVER. Just give me motion!), then another flight onto Nairobi. And in an effort to not contemplate the fact that I’m driving an hour through DC rush hour traffic to check in (hopefully. We all know how well that went last time…) and sit 3 hours in the airport to get on an airplane that I will be on for approximately 12 hours (yes, you read that right), have a 3 hours layover, and another 4 hour flight, I’ve made a list of all the happy aspects of this trip:

1.    1. We’re avoiding Heathrow. And being stranded. And snow. (Assuming there’s no snow in Rome. Hmmm.)

2. I’m going to get a peppermint mocha from Starbucks at Dulles. I love peppermint mochas.

3.  Ethiopian Air = layover in Addis, aka my home city. AND, on the way back, we’re throwing in 24 hours in actual Addis. SO EXCITING. Even though Ethi is what I consider my home, we don’t have opportunity to go back there because my parents moved to Kenya. UNTIL NOW. RANDOMLY. SO GREAT.

4. Bole Airport in Addis. It will be such a tease, only being able to look out the windows and not be there (yet). And not gonna lie. Bole Airport is LAME. But it’s familiar. I can even go visit the bathroom where my friend Ana Lena hid a secret note for me because she was flying out about 6 hours earlier than me one night. And the last time I was at this airport was with my best friend Abby. Oh, the memories.

5.      5. Ethiopian Air also = I can speak Amharic to the people at the check-in desk and they will be so impressed with me.

6.      6. Reading my January Real Simple magazine. I have a subscription, and this one came a few days before (attempted) leaving, so I saved it. AND NOW IS THE TIME TO READ IT.

7.      7. Quality time with the sister….

8.      8. You never know what movies will be shown on the plane. And there’s even the possibility of seatback screens where you can choose your own movie. And given the whole 12 hour thing, I won’t even have to choose which movie – I will have the time to watch them all!

9.      9. Finally getting to Kenya. I’m anticipating bear hugs from the parentals and possibly a stop at Java House for a Malindi Macchiato (aka the most delicious hot beverage ever).

        Fingers crossed...

1 comment:

  1. you are going to make it! and when you do, you are going to have a comment on your blog. I hope the dulles starbucks was overflowing with peppermint today and they had all your fave movies on the plane.


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