December 18, 2010

Christmas Countdown: ONE WEEK!

Along with my sister's and my impending departure to Kenya comes a flurry of emails from the parentals – lists of things to bring them (hair color and pepperoni, anyone?), last-minute Christmas present suggestions and requests, and rather blasé travel tips such as this:

“I hope the weather doesn't complicate your flights! Sounds like it's snowing everywhere, including London. Just do your best. If you get stuck in London and need to find a hotel overnight, that's what the credit card is for.”

Thanks, Mom. Glad you’re totally fine with the fact that your offspring might be potentially stranded in London while trying to get home for Christmas. As long as we have the credit card.

But my mom is actually a pretty cool kid. She’s the one who showed me (well, me and her however many other Facebook friends she has) this video:

Love it!

One week to Christmas! How did that happen??

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