December 28, 2010

One Day in Nairobi...

The days surrounding Christmas were a blur of guests and jetlag, so today was the first day we made it out and about in Nairobi. Linnea’s boyfriend, William, got in last night, so this gave us an excuse to introduce him to the city.

We started off touristy with a visit to the Karen Giraffe Center:

        (please note the uncomfortably long, black tongues. 
Now imagine that thing all over your hands. Mmmm, giraffe slobber!)

Then we stopped for a coffee break at Java House, at Adam’s Arcade Shopping Center:

(My favorite drink at Java House – a Malindi Macchiato. SO GOOD.)


And then we ran some errands (groceries, phone cards, picking up a bedspread from the cleaners…) and drove back out of the busy city center into the (traditionally White Kenyan, somewhat nicer) area of Karen in the outskirts that’s our home!

(driving on the opposite side)

 (amazing what a rural-looking shot I can get even in the middle of a bustling capital city!)

Then for dinner, some Eritrean neighbors invited us over for injera b’wet, the national food of Eritrea and Ethiopia. This is how injera makes me feel:

 (Taken on the last time I had injera: Thanksgiving in Lancaster, PA. Picture by Danielle Hale)

We had doro wet, shiro wet, atkilt wet, and then some freshly roasted coffee. And, full and happy, I am now retiring to an evening of watching Bones.

More adventures to come tomorrow!

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