December 21, 2010

In Limbo

Today is just a day to get through so that we can leave for Kenya tomorrow. (Wow, once I wrote that I realized how depressing that sounds…but, I mean…it is.) Seeing as I’m at my cousins’ house and carless, today has mostly consisted of watching some Say Yes to the Dress, some What Not to Wear, Honey, Parks & Recreation…basically, a LOT of TV. I don’t have cable at school, so this doesn’t really ever happen in my life, which makes it a leeeetle better (ok not really, but humor me), but still. The biggest thing I did today was get dressed. At about 3:45. This is just pathetic, especially 4 days before Christmas.

Because I’m not home yet, though, I feel like I’m a little in limbo, especially in the Christmas department. Finals have a tendency to suck the Christmas spirit right out of you, so you usually have to wait til you get home to fully relax and start feeling Christmassy. But I’m not there yet. SOO I’m living vicariously through others’ right now. For example, look at this Christmas-video-in-lieu-of-cards that this one family made. Isn’t that wonderful??

(also, you can check out some behind the scenes of this video here.)

Basically, when I grow up, my family is going to do stuff like this all. the. time. 

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