December 29, 2010

Betty Ann

This is Betty Ann. She is five years old.

This is her brother, David. He’s three.

Their dad, Kennedy, is one of my parents’ theology students, and they had us to their house for chai today. They live about forty-five minutes away, out of Nairobi and through the little towns of Ngong and Kiserian until the last stretch where we clunked down the red-dirt, rutted road to their small shamba (farm) and house. Chai means tea, but Tea in the British sense in that it’s an event – we had soda, milky Kenyan chai, bananas, muffins, good conversation and two kids to play with for entertainment. This family might not be very wealthy, but they absolutely overflow with hospitality. Plus, Kennedy is super funny.

Before we went to their house, this was my lunch:

and before that, we got to see some baby elephants:

Basically, it’s been a full day. 
But a good one. :]

P.S. 2010 version! Thoughts?

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