February 7, 2011

Errything I Do, I Do It Big

So because of the time difference, the Superbowl comes on at 2am in Ethiopia. So only the truly dedicated wake up, trek over to their neighbor’s house (who has satellite TV) and watch it. Until 6am, and then go to school. Now, did I ever do that? Um, of course not, are you kidding me? (Do I understand the sport of football? Um, of course not, are you kidding me?) (BUT there are reasons for this: 1. I grew up overseas and 2. I don’t have brothers. The end.). But although I didn’t participate, it’s what went down and it was the norm.

My first year of college, I was still kind of getting a feel for all things American. I knew the Superbowl was coming up, and even though I didn’t really know why it was such a big deal I knew it was something truly American and I wanted to watch it. So I got a Facebook invite for a Superbowl party my Christian fellowship was having, and I was all excited, and I looked at the time on it and it was…6pm. My initial thoughts were: Um, hold up, why isn’t it in the middle of the night? 6 is so early and convenient… It took me a while to figure out that whole time-difference explanation and that watching in the middle of the night is NOT actually normal. FAIL at trying to be American.

…But that was two years ago. Now I’ve kind of gotten the hang of this whole Superbowl  thing. And I even watched the whole thing!

Actually, that is a false statement. I sat in the room while it was on for the whole time, but I don’t think I cognitively processed any of it…I was too busy talking to everyone and eating three kinds of chips + 47 kinds of dip and making a McFlurry run during halftime…

In other news, Glee is back. And so are viewing parties at the Octagon. All is right with the world again.

And just two more quick things before I go to sleep and then wake up and it's Monday and I have to go to class (I seriously don't feel like there's school tomorrow. WHY IS THIS?):

1. I SO CALLED THIS. I just didn’t realize it’d be Weezy making it happen. YEAH, uh-huh.

2. Best commercial of the night, wouldn't you agree?

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