February 26, 2011

Wedding Talk (or: And So It Begins)

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Today I am going wedding dress shopping with my sister!

I'm super happy for Linnea of course, but also excited because, as maid of honor, this provides a legitimate reason for me to check out wedding blogs!! (...not like I don't anyway, let's just be real.)

And so I feel that is at last appropriate to mention BHLDN, the new wedding line inspired by Anthropologie that has been blowing up the blogosphere (well, the parts of the blogosphere that I pay attention to, at least) since its release on V-Day. And because Anthro is so wonderful, of course their wedding line will be equally wonderful (and unaffordable for oh, say, me. When I have to think about this stuff for myself, I mean. Which is not yet.)

Anyway. Yes, the gowns are beautiful and intricate and unique (which, in some cases, is a nice way of saying a wee bit strange), but I think what I love most about this site is their "Nuptials of Yesteryear" section, which is a collection of old-timey wedding photos. Aren't these just the sweetest?

P.S. I took the "What Kind of Bride Are You" quiz (duh) and got La Bohémienne. Yesss.

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