February 22, 2011

I Need Some Coffee

Quote Love: "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." - T.S. Eliot

Y'all, I am snagging a few minutes in the library right now during my awkward 45 minutes between classes (no, really. It's an awkward amount of time. Factor in walking time, and that only gives me about 20 minutes to actually be in any one place...definitely not enough time to get into reading. Maybe enough to time for a super speedy post?)

It seems impossible given the SEVENTY DEGREE WEATHER of a mere three days ago, but it is snowing outside right now. SNOWING. Just a few flurries, and hardly sticking, but seeing as I was wearing shorts on Friday, it is somewhat atrocious. (And I promise, in real life, I do love snow...)

As I was walking to class this morning with Margaret and Monique, we decided we would much rather be in a coffee shop with some sort of hot beverage (...even though I was carrying a thermos of coffee as we were walking) and each other instead of trudging towards all of our longest day of classes, because it is just that kind of day. And I am seriously trying to wrap this up quickly so I have time to buy some coffee before my next class. Seriously, I think that would make things so much better. I love coffee.

That's why I especially love that above print. And Italian espresso makers like that particularly remind me of the Lusnfords' kitchen and the time when, inspired by the Lunsfords' kitchen, I got my dad one for Christmas. And may I just point out that this print is actually a tea towel?! It's from this store. Adorbs, right? I am definitely going to have this in my kitchen when I'm a grown up... 

Alright. Time to refill my thermos and head off to my next (two hour and forty-five minute long) class...let's just say that Tuesdays definitely require a lot of caffeination. 

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