February 12, 2011

Joshua In Concert

The Joshua Radin concert was last night. And although I was kind of feeling twinges of sadness that I wasn't at the Civil Wars (which was just around the corner, and sold out a week ago), it was still wonderful. Josh (yes, we're on that level now) was fantastic in person and he shared a lot of the background stories to his songs which I liked and, in some cases, means I will never be able to listen to some songs the same way again (two words: baby-making music). But really, he was good, the venue was charming, and we even enjoyed his openers -- Andrew Allen and Anya Marina (neither of whom we'd heard of before) (Anya took a while to grow on me, but then she did a singer/songwriter-style cover of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like"...yeah. It was entertaining.)

Anyway, I went to the concert with my friend Taylor, and before we went we were having dinner at Taylor's house with a group of people and talking to our friend Arthur (who, sidenote, is Asian.) Taylor had just told Arthur that we were about to leave for the concert, which sent him on a which basically went like this: "Why do white people always just want to listen to emo white guys playing the guitar? I'm serious -- whenever white girls post a video it's always some emo guy with a guitar, even if it's worship music. What are you even supposed to do at that type of concert? Just stand there?"

I kind of died laughing a little, and told him I was sure that had to be on stuffwhitepeoplelike.com...and sure enough: 

#67 Standing Still at Concerts.

HILAR. (But seriously. Even though Josh was good at all, I kind of spent the last few songs wanting him to be done, because when you've been standing in the same spot on a gently-sloped floor holding your coat for three hours...it's tiring.)

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