January 19, 2011

Books Books Books!

Lyric love: "Last night I dreamt the whole night long / I woke with a head full of songs ...Tonight I'll burn the lyrics, / 'Cause every chorus was your name" - Laundry Room, The Avett Brothers

Y'all, guess what? I get to read Young Adult literature this semester. Twelve books. Of my choice. For class. This is seriously wonderful news.

Today was the first day of classes, but I have a funny schedule (because that's how the Education School works), so my only class, Young Adult Literature (clever name, no?) was at 7pm. And let me just be honest for a second...I'm in the Ed School, and I'm glad I am, but all the classes I've taken for it so far are, well, kind of obvious. And with so much focus on things like types of instruction and adolescent development and methods and whatnot (admittedly, necessary things, but it's all mechanics, if you know what I mean). So, this evening, after a day of puttering/everyone-else-has-gone-back-to-class-but-I-technically-haven't-and-that's-weird, I walked into this class and along the wall there was a long table piled with all these books. And for the first bit of class, we got to pick a few to just flip through, and there were all these books that I recognized, ones that I've loved or owned before, and it was just like...yes. This is what I'm doing. 

I'm just glad I finally get to start delving into the English Education part of "my content area is Secondary English Education." And that I can unashamedly read books that I avoid because I feel like they're too young for my age group (...so that they've become my guilty pleasure. Like Sarah Dessen.) Aaaand that I can have something fun to read to balance my Shakespeare and Contemporary Ethnic Women’s Fiction classes.

So. Any suggestions for what I should read?

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