January 18, 2011

I Got Crowns of Words a Woven, Each One a Song to Sing

As if there weren't enough reasons already to love Brooke Fraser, here is another, taken straight from her blog:

"Portland is like that person in your life who has casual swagger and effortless cool whilst at the same time being kind, genuine, thoughtful, a whiz in the kitchen and a bloody amazing barista. You want to borrow their jacket and sniff their hair when they’re not looking."

Now I have a really strong desire to
1. Plagiarize (...kidding?)
2. Go to Portland
3. Listen to Flags on repeat
4. BE Brooke Fraser.
The end.

In the mean time, while I'm still here being me, things are a-flurry with day-before-back-to-classes preparations. (Actually, I'm just assuming they are, because I have hardly left my room this morning...only to go downstairs to get some coffee and put some laundry in.) But I know I have a list of things to get done, such as buy books and get groceries and meet someone for coffee at 3, I'm assuming everyone else does too, given what an over-achieving place this is. However, I cannot do any of this until my laundry is done because I have no jeans. Ha. 

But here's to the last day of Christmas break! 
...and Brooke really is one of my favorite artists.


  1. ok, so i'm not typically someone who is into reading blogs, but the second i stumbled onto your site i haven't been able to stay away! i have greatly enjoyed reading your musings, discovering new artists and quotes from literature and poetry.
    thank you for sharing your heart with the world.

  2. kimberly, thank you so much! seeing that comment in the middle of my super long tuesday was about 5382409 times better than a cup of coffee...you are the sweetest.

  3. wow, i didn't think anything could be better than a cup of coffee! glad to brighten your day.


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