January 22, 2011


Currently Listening To: "Stole My Heart" by Little & Ashley
Quote Love: "The possible's slow fuse is lit by the imagination." - Emily Dickinson

This morning, I tripped up the stairs. While holding a full cup of coffee. Which went everywhere, of course. And the saddest part was that I was completely alone in the house, so there was no one to laugh about it with. (So you can definitely laugh at/with me right now if you'd like...Ready, go.) Here's the mess I made:

And remember how I was completely alone in the house? That's how it's been for the past two days. Two of my housemates have rush obligations, two are camping, and the other went home yesterday and had a service project this morning. All of this a) makes me feel like a lazy bum in comparison and b) is lonely. Luckily Abby came back from home last night so we could go to Kroger just to get ice cream and then come home, curl under 75 million blankets (it was FREEZING yesterday, y'all), watch My Best Friend's Wedding and lament about how lame we were. But you know what? Some nights are just like that. Even in college.

And even more luckily, I get to dance all night tonight. :]

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