January 2, 2011

Toms Toms Toms

Currently reading: Through Painted Deserts by Don Miller
Currently listening to: Alors on Danse. Kanye Version.

It's amazing how a whole day stretching before you is filled up and suddenly it is 10:36pm. I mean, it's been nice -- church, Ethiopian food with the most eclectic group of people, Maasai market, dinner with family friends. But perhaps this means no long post about Longonot and whatnot today. I know you must be disappointed...

In the mean time, here is a dilemma you can help me with.

First, some background: The thing about Christmas when you’re a missionary is that even though sometimes you get something for Christmas, it might take some time before you actually get it. You unwrap a rolled up piece of paper instead, with a picture of the book/cd/shirt you asked for a note saying “it’s coming soon!” and then, next time someone coming from the States through your mission headquarters in Charlotte comes, bringing all the packages that end up there (as some companies do not actually ship to Africa…shocker), you get your present.

Even with two fully capable couriers (aka me and my sister) coming from the States, this still happened with my Christmas presents. I wanted Toms – silver sparkly Toms – and what I got was a piece of paper that said “you can choose which ones and we’ll order them before you leave so they’ll get there when you do!” So YAY I get my Toms, but all those images of me traipsing through the African bush in my sparkly silver shoes and taking pictures that are worthy to send into the “How We Wear Them” portion of the website?….well, I guess it’s just not meant to be.

But now that I still get to choose which ones, I’m questioning my initial instincts. Do I still want these ones?

but what about all these other adorable options??


And THESE – maps of Africa! I love Africa! (shout out to Brittney for making me aware of their existence). But would I get as much wear out of them?

Which are your favorites? What kind do you own? Should I go with silver sparklies, or something else?


  1. despite the fact that i turned you on to the map ones (aside: seeing my name made me feel famous for a second), i think i'm down with either the original silver sparklies or the silver flower/star things.

    other aside: if your sister doesn't put pics of the ring up soon, i'm gonna find a way over there (which could be potentially very illegal considering my expired passport)

  2. i might make her withhold pictures just so you have to come here. (just kidding...i think she put one up)

  3. 1. your words are seriously so whimsical.
    2. a girl i know got the map ones for Christmas!
    3. really i think you could wear any of those options frequently.


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