January 15, 2011


Well. We said kwaheri to Kenya and then set off for our forty hours in Addis Ababa. It was familiar, busy, a rush, stressful, nostalgic, home but now removed. It's hard going to back to a home where there is no longer the connection of family binding you there, but at the same time it is lovely to be recognized and known by so many people who know and share that life.

Anyway, seventeen hours worth of last night were spent on one plane -- we left Addis at 12am and arrived at Dulles at 9:30am...but about eight extra hours of time change was somehow shoved in there. Then a two hour drive through cold scenery and broad, dappled winter skies, and here I am, back at school. And I had told myself I would stay up til 10, and I have succeeded...barely. So I must say good night for now, but I promise I'll show you more of Addis tomorrow!

p.s. some winter songs to help me readjust to the cold... :]

[image via We Heart It]

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