January 26, 2011

Wintry Mix

Currently Reading: Tracks by Lousie Erdrich. 
Opening Line: '"We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall." (Kind of approp...except in a really morbid way, so never mind.)

When I left for lunch with my friend Lauren, it was kind of dreary and almost rainy out. As we ate lunch (in the most adorable small-town-y deli-hidden-in-a-gas-station EVER, by the way), I watched out the window as the rain came down harder and harder and then began bouncing off the cars. By the time we left lunch, it was a wet, sleety, blustery mess, which has since calmed down into huge, sleepy snowflakes that have been drifting down all afternoon, causing all classes after 3pm to be CANCELLED! (Oh hey, that would be mine. Yussss.) Since then, my cozy spot here on the couch under a blanket, surrounded by various housemates at various times, and enjoying our happy little fire off to the side has been exactly the right place to spend the day. Except for a mid-afternoon foray into the snow for coffee and donuts, of course.

Guys, I love snow. One of my favorite weekends of last year was when we were snowed in and class was cancelled for the first time in like YEARS at this school. In our house, there was much rejoicing, and then there was fort building (inside, duh. Where we read stories and ate and did homework and lived in all weekend.), sledding, midnight traipsing down the middle of the street to salsa parties basketball games, pancakes, improvised church at home, and just good ol’ snow magic.

Hopefully that kind of magic is about to be revived. And fingers crossed my 9:30am Shakespeare class tomorrow is cancelled, too…

P.S. I kind of enjoy the phrase “inclement weather.” Don’t you?

[photo by my wonderful housemate, Madeline Lewis]

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