December 9, 2011

Hanging With Joy and John Paul

So, the Civil Wars concert.

We all know it's been a long time coming, so expectations were high. But the night started out right with margaritas with my housemates and then, when I was waiting outside the Jefferson Theater for Hope so we could go in, a random woman was trying to get rid of two extra tickets and I was able to score them for two of my other housemates, Margaret and Allie. Nothing like spreading a little Civil Wars cheer to those I live with, right?

And, y'all, they did not disappoint. Obviously their music is beautiful, and it was just as beautiful and impressive live. Not to mention the chemistry between Joy and John Paul -- they just interacted so well with each other, and you could tell they were enjoying being up there. Joy was smiling for about 80% of the time. And they were funny when they talked. And I was with a good group of people who appreciated them just as much as I did -- all of us were having a good time. And, (maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but...) for their encore, they did a cover of "Billie Jean." I don't even like Michael Jackson, but this version? Maybe you just have to see it for yourselves:

All in all, if you ever have the chance to see the Civil Wars live, do it. Their harmonies, their amazing talent in general, the way they play with the music that is already so wonderful in a way that makes it even more stunning, their personalities....just go see them. (And bonus points if you get to see them in a venue decked out in Christmas lights.)

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