December 22, 2011

Three Days Til Christmas!

Lyric Love: "It's still a mystery to me that the hands of God could be so small, How tiny fingers reaching in the night were the very hands that measured the sky..." - "Here With Us," Joy Williams


Today we had our mother-daughter Christmas cookie exchange, one of our yearly(ish) traditions. It involved tables spread throughout the garden, crafts, story time, everyone telling their favorite Christmas traditions (mine: going out for pizza on Christmas Eve), and swapping cookies, of course. And now there are presents under the tree*, we are watching It’s A Wonderful Life, I’m drinking hot chocolate, there is a tin of assorted Christmas cookies dangerously close to me, and earlier I cut a bajillion paper snowflakes with my neighbor Elaina to convert their porch into a winter wonderland for a faculty Christmas party tomorrow. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, sunshine and sleeveless shirts and all.

What makes it feel like Christmas for you? Do you find that all of December is Christmassy, or does it sneak up on you sometimes? (I’ll admit that with finals then traveling, it’s the latter for me…)

*All of which are for my parents and wrapped by me, even though only some of them are actually from me. Part of my Santa duties, I suppose.

[images via Pinterest]


  1. Did you read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas in Africa at the mother-daughter tea? I'm still bitter that you never read it to me...


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