December 17, 2011

Karibu Kenya

1. I made it to Kenya! I am now sitting in my parents’ garden, in shorts, in the sunshine, drinking tea, and occasionally it is thundering. And as you can see, there are dogs trying to be in my lap. I have also already finished a book and been to Nakumatt*, so things are right on schedule. 

2. Long travel times are the worst. I left my house at 10am on Thursday, and made it to my parents’ house at about 11:30pm on Friday. (Subtract eight hours for time difference). The journey consisted of several parts: a drive from Charlottesville to Rockville, MD, another drive back to Dulles, flying to Heathrow, wandering around alone at Heathrow pre-dawn, flying into Nairobi, then driving back to the house. Quite a journey, fueled only by plane food by bits and pieces of sleep pieced together on planes and Heathrow couch-thingies, which might explain why my mother had to wake me up at noon today?

3. Happy first birthday to my little blog!! I can’t believe you’ve put up with a year of ramblings. (Or less than a year, because at the beginning I had a readership of about 3.) We’ve come pretty far, and I’m grateful for all of you!

*the grocery store.

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