December 10, 2011

I Am Santa Claus

Currently Listening To: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Michael Buble
Countdown: 3 days til done with finals, 5 days til I leave for Kenya, 15 days til Christmas 

I think I might have alluded to this before, but this is the way things work for missionary families who are trying to celebrate Christmas: you order all your presents online, have them mailed to your child in college in the States, and have her bring them with her in her suitcase when she comes home for Christmas. (Don't ask me what you do if you don't have a child in college in the States. I don't remember back that far. I think there were some nasty incidents involving Amazon and orders getting lost and opening fake presents on Christmas morning with notes attached to them saying things like "You're getting this CD! It's coming soon!" ...but I think mostly I've blocked these incidents from my memory.)

In the Black family, this is in full swing. My housemates don't even bat an eye anymore when three boxes at a time roll in, all addressed to me.* And I've amassed quite the collection. See?

The thing is, all of these are going to have to fit in my suitcase. Along with the two Wal-Mart bags full of things I bought today per my mother's request to bring to her (items ranging from cranberry sauce to hair color to dishtowels, if you were wondering). So the real question is, where do all my clothes fit? Good. Question.

So there you have it. Santa Claus will be delivering presents a little non-traditionally this year, using a suitcase for a sack and an airplane for a sleigh. There better be a lot of cookies in return for this.

*Thankfully, I live with another missionary kid, whose mom is doing the same thing to her. She's getting a lot of  packages these days, too.


  1. At least your mother is turning away requests from OTHER missionary families who want you to bring a DVD from their grandma. There would definitely be no room for your clothes if she had fewer boundaries. Look forward to seeing you for Christmas dinner!!

  2. Luke has a similar stack, but you can sympathize with the fact that I volunteered one of his bags to be filled with stuffed animals for kids here. His college suite-mates are having a good chuckle as the place fills up with beanie babies. Hope we see you in Nairobi!


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